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As many have requested to join at a later date or to expand their pledge, we have decided that following our Kickstarter campaign we will establish this

pre-order period

. You can visit the corresponding section on this website for the exact details: Pre-Order

Also, as a friendly reminder, we’re still missing a few surveys. Please take one minute fulfilling them those of you remaining. We need to know what reward do you want!

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Alternative Civil War officially funded.

Well, this is it.

Kickstarter campaign succesfully funded

This is how Kickstarter lets you know is time for joy!

Thanks kindly to all of you, we appreciate all your support and effort, and we’ll keep working to the best of us to honor it.

What comes next?

Your accounts will be charged and KS will transfer us the funds within 14 days. More or less by that day, we’ll send you a survey so you can let us know what exact rewards you’d like to ask for your pledge. And then we start producing them.

We will keep you informed of the progress. To this task, we’d ask you to subscribe to our newsletter on (right sidebar), register on our provisional forum – -, like and follow our Facebook page – – and follow our Twitter profile – @GhostTrainGames – to minimize the chance of any update from us slipping through. We will use those channels, plus this campaign’s updates and comments to stay in touch with you all.

This works both ways. Feel free to contact us for any comments or inquiries.

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Alternative Civil War is successfully funded through your great support. 13000 and many more thanks to you all.

Let’s keep this going these last hours and try to achieve some Stretch Goals, we’d love to make the Eliphas Levi miniature!

– Be part of the History! –

Alternative Civil War – Update #9 – Another new model.

Alternative Civil War is a 28mm scale miniature skirmish wargame set in an alternate world. Impossible science collides with ancient powers and mythical beings clash with courageous soldiers over the American Civil War battlegrounds in a conflict that has transcended its own frontiers. In the latest updates, we have been releasing more and more models for our Alternative Civil War campaign.
These are some of them:

Ponce de León is a highly detailed model, yet not baroque and overloaded. The anachronism of the breastplate and morion helmet over a modern uniform and the “flintlock pistol-like” revolver creates a contrast that reflects the duality of the Spanish faction.

Alternative Civil War - Ponce de Leon

Remember you can get these and other cool model from their Alternative Civil War Kickstarter campaign

Be part of the History!